Frances Cone

FRANCES CONE is Christina Cone, Andrew Doherty and Aaron Hamel. The Nashville based soulful indie-pop band, fronted by Christina Cone, is named after Christina's father and great-grandfather, both musicians themselves in South Carolina and both born on September 11th. The band has been praised for their compelling, emotional live show and captivating recordings. The band's breakthrough single, "Arizona," is the first track from their forthcoming full-length album set to release in early 2019. Stereogum praised “Arizona” for “Cone’s melodic vocals, rich harmonies, and an electrifying guitar sound." Written about her brother, filmmaker Stephen Cone, "Arizona's" reach has extended far and wide at 10 million streams on Spotify.

Most recently, NPR Music hosted the band for a Tiny Desk concert and also premiered "Unraveling," a timely and cathartic song about the "ways life conspires to overwhelm". It solidifies the band's commitment to a sound creating a "sweet slow burn in which songs build gradually and carefully into something truly grand. "The gorgeous "Unraveling" really gets at what works about Frances Cone's music: Each cooed "ooooh" is in the exact right place, weaving together to form a warm and hypnotic tapestry."

NPR's All Songs Considered "...a keenly balanced mix of sweetness, urgency, inventiveness and all-around charm"

NPR Artists To Watch at SXSW 2017 "The band doesn't stay in one place for long, as slow burns make way for soaring catharsis."

Billboard  "Leave Without You" Exclusive Premiere "The desert rock-twinged track employs the band's signature slow build before exploding with synth and drums into the song's chorus."

AXS Frances Cone Delivers a Soulful Take on Indie-Pop "Ready to make their mark on the world, Frances Cone’s single "Arizona" has already accumulated over six million streams on Spotify."

Stereogum "Arizona" track premiere “'Arizona' is carried by Cone’s melodic vocals, rich harmonies, and an electrifying guitar sound. As the song builds up to the repetition of 'I’m so sorry you couldn’t speak,' it is impossible to ignore the genuine emotion in Cone’s voice."

Noisey "Wait Right Here" premiere "Think Fleetwood Mac meets Dirty Projectors..."

Paste Magazine "Best of What's Next"  "You’ll hear everything from folk inspired harmonies, to driving bass drums, to grungy synths, all culminating in an arena anthem, where Cone’s roof-lifting vocals shine."

Vanity Fair Favorite Songs of Summer "As the summer winds down, enjoy a playlist of our favorite jams from lovely ladies like Kimbra, Santigold and Frances Cone..."

Brooklyn Vegan "Cone's got a distinctive voice and way with melody and her recordings have a smart, understated charm."